Monday, September 24, 2007

Gaming Made Easy or Just Accessable?

The never-ending topic of Why is World of Warcraft so popular has always been something I have had mixed feelings about. It wasn't until a small family crisis that I could truly grasp it.

Life is short, as is time with our family and friends , So milking every last bit of entertainment out of a 24 hour day before starting the next one is something every MMO gamer has come to know. Looking at the clock and saying "Yeah, 4 hours of sleep is just fine" can sometimes be a mantra we chant to tell ourselves we actually believe it.

This is the heart of why WoW is so popular. Its convenient. No arbitrary zone lockouts, no waiting 30 mins for other players, It's just a game that caters to the whims of its users. Its a game that realizes that it is truly just a game and making sure the players get the most of their time online is what's at the top of Blizzards agenda. Not keeping them logged in as long as possible. (Yeah I mean you EQ2 , you and your silly gotta be online to sell broker system. Yes I know its different now)

Lets look at games that are in a lot of peoples homes.
  • Deck of cards - Easy to use, many varying degrees of difficulty. Hard to master.
  • Monopoly - How many clones of this game are there. I mean truly an easy game to play but everyone thinks their strategy is the best.
MMO's are no different. Just make it simple, fun and exciting and people will tell their friends. Word of mouth is the best PR ever. Just ask Chris Crocker. No other game I have seen of late has the ability to hook up with friends and get to where the action is with as much speed as WoW. This is very important.

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Heartless_ said...

But there are developers that don't want to get typecast by "cloning" WoW and that is the discussion that is ongoing on my blog.

But you are right on the point about accessibility and ease of play.